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Resista—dental implants made in Italy on display at AEEDC 2023

At this year's AEEDC in Dubai, Resista is showcasing its product portfolio at Booth 4B04. (Image: Dental Tribune International)


Tue. 7. February 2023


DUBAI, UAE: Resista is an Italian implant manufacturing company. It was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of abrasive discs and materials for the processing and finishing of prosthetic products and began to sell dental implants in 2006. AT AEEDC, the company is currently presenting its product portfolio and the UNI-Q-MUA one-piece dental implant in particular.

Today, Resista offers dental implants of different lengths and diameters with internal and external connections to meet any implant prosthetic need—all of them placed with one universal surgical kit. The products are manufactured entirely in Italy.

Passion, experience and constant development allow Resista to adapt its products successfully to dentists’ needs. In close collaboration with a team of specialised consultants from Italy and abroad, the company provides competent and continuous support to its customers, helping them grow their dental practices.

The company’s research and development has a strong focus on clinical indications. Using 3D virtual modelling programmes and sophisticated computerised systems, Resista can design and finalise new geometries very quickly.

In 2016, Resista introduced the UNI-Q-MUA one-piece dental implant. Over the past years, this system has been proved to be simple, fast and safe. Straight or angulated at 17° or 32°, UNI-Q-MUA helps clinicians address difficulties related to immediate loading. It is an implant that can solve the main problems of All-on-4—with a larger prosthetic screw and a hybrid surface treatment, which allows dentists to perform immediate loading in a fast, safe and easy way.

More information about the company and its products can be found at www.en.resista.it. Visitors to AEEDC Dubai 2023 can find out more at Booth 4B04.

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