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September: Brexit and new Market Survey

By Dominique Deschietere
August 31, 2016

A warm welcome to the second Association of Dental Dealers in Europe (ADDE) newsletter exclusively for our members and affiliates. A great deal has happened since the ADDE met in Prague in the Czech Republic this April. While we enjoyed an excellent meeting with new insights and informative presentations, we could not have imagined that we would soon be discussing the departure of the UK from the European Union. Besides the news of the Brexit, the EU has announced a compromise on the new medical device regulation. Finally, the 2016 ADDE market survey has been released.

I am delighted to announce the release of the 2016 Survey on the European Dental Trade, which provides a concise overview of the main trends in the EU market. We are proud to have compiled a comprehensive market study with the most relevant topics and trends in the European dental industry, including the number of customers and end-users, sales values for the main product categories, the use of computers and e-commerce, sales segments, distribution channels, as well as VAT charges and their impact on the market. The new survey will be available soon for purchase on our website in hard copy and as a PDF download. The report has been produced in collaboration with the Federation of the European Dental Industry.

In June, the Council of the European Union’s Permanent Representatives Committee endorsed the agreement reached with the European Parliament on 25 May on the new medical device regulations. The European Commission stated that it too supported the agreement reached between the two co-legislators. With the new rules, the European level of safety in medicine and dentistry will be raised to a higher standard. However, the regulation could jeopardise existing relationships between producers and distributors, if manufacturers are not able to meet the required quality and safety standards. Dental dealers would then be forced to work with other producers, which could have an impact on pricing and products.

It came as much of a surprise when the UK voted to leave the EU. The medium- to long-term impact of the Brexit on medical device regulation will depend greatly on the form a post-Brexit UK will take, as well as the negotiated relationship between the UK and the EU in future. In the short term, it will be business as usual for the UK dental industry, since EU law will continue to apply in the UK. I am confident, however, that European dealers will continue to work closely together regardless of their country’s status within the EU. In the meanwhile, the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) has produced a post-Brexit manifesto, Shaping the Future, which sets out the industry’s views on how government should positively influence the future for oral health, dentistry and the dental industry. Six main priority areas are highlighted, including creating a favourable business environment, investing in the nation’s oral health, working to protect patients, spending more on the National Health Service, generally building towards a better future and championing innovation.

I wish you much success and look forward to seeing you at dental shows this autumn.

Dominique Deschietere
President of the ADDE

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