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At AEEDC 2018, MEDENCY are showcasing their products to the Middle East. (Photograph: Timo Krause, Oemus Media)
Timo Krause, Oemus Media

By Timo Krause, Oemus Media

Tue. 6. February 2018


MEDENCY is a dynamic and innovative dental equipment and technology company privately owned and based in Vicenza, Italy. Since its founding in 2015, Alessandro Boschi, CEO of MEDENCY, has driven the company forward through his unique passion and profound experiences in the field of laser dentistry. Prior to MEDENCY, Boschi had taken up many important leadership roles in various dental business over the past 15 years, forming an in-depth understanding of business as a dedicated team effort. Hence, MEDENCY presents an utterly talented team with global expertise in the field of dentistry and, in particular, dental lasers. The overall objective and ultimate mission is to provide a combination of cutting-edge products and services as well as a high-level of customer exchange, while drawing on a wide network of academic partners. We had the opportunity to speak with Alessandro Boschi, CEO of MEDENCY, about his ideas and thoughts regarding laser dentistry, and the benefits of utilizing lasers in daily practice.

Mr. Boschi, what makes MEDENCY a leading force in the field of dental lasers?
Technology, innovation and passion are the main features of MEDENCY Company. We are creating solutions to make comfort more widely available without compromising quality. That is our major challenge. All our products arise from the highest dedication to research and development. We are therefore setting the highest standards in manufacturing our medical devices, dental lasers, and electronic systems. We are extremely proud of the fact that our medical devices and their applications are worldwide employed by professionals and specialists in their respective field. We think, first and foremost, of others, and take a sincere interest in all points of view. Freedom of ideas is, in our understanding, an absolute prerequisite for innovation.


What are the challenges dentists face today in their daily practice?
The rapidly growing demand of high quality and professional treatment is a big and diving factor for dentists all over the world. Hence, whatever their specialty may be, they have to acknowledge those needs and demands, act on them and even foresee trends and developments. Therefore, the dental industry’s focus must be on these constant and fast developments. Dentists have to leave their comfort zone behind, learn about new technologies and techniques in order to provide patients with the best and most up-to-date solutions available on the market.


The PRIMO Dental laser device is one of your key products on the market. What are the major advantages and benefits for users?
Lasers have several uses for dental surgery, periodontics, endodontics, implantology, cosmetics, and therapy. PRIMO combines state-of-the-art diode laser technology with the innovation and experiences MEDENCY has gained in the dental industry. PRIMO provides a variety of applications, and is thus, a viable alternative to conventional surgical methods like electrocautery and the scalpel. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the easily accessible wide touch screen, the device is very easy to use. This small portable unit comes with variable tips and hand pieces for multiple treatment procedures. Currently, new models are being finalized in the last stages of development: Among them is a new device helping implantologists to fight the new “tsunami” of dental field called Periimplantitis. Furthermore, in the near future, we are going to launch a unit specifically for hygienists as an adjunct device for scaling and root planning.


In your opinion, how have lasers changed the dental market so far, and what are your future plans?
Laser is one of the newest developments in dentistry, and has stimulated growth in the medical and dental equipment market. Particularly in dental surgery, laser offers numerous benefits, rendering treatment more effective for the dentist and less painful for the patient, accelerating treatment options and leading to significantly improved patient outcomes. I am convinced that dental lasers will be more and more utilized in dental practices. Therefore, we will continue our efforts to show, how lasers ease the practice life for dentists and their teams. Our aim is to inform dentists of all the benefits arising from using lasers in their daily routine. Furthermore, we will increase our current and full support to academy and university programs aimed to study new instruments and possible fields and indications of use.

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