Osstell Beacon

Packed with innovative features yet intuitive and easy to use, the Osstell Beacon delivers a new way for customers to make dental implant treatments more predictable, by measuring the stability of implants using Osstell ISQ diagnostics (Implant Stability Quotient). The Osstell ISQ measurements allow clinicians to make decisions based on reliable and objective stability values when determining the course of treatment for each patient. The more than 1,000 studies where Osstell ISQ technology has been used, provide evidence that Osstell ISQ diagnostics can help improve outcomes and quality, using objective data to guide and optimize the implant treatment for both complex and more straight-forward cases.

  • Intuitive with smart-sensor and color coding
  • Wireless & motion activated
  • Access to Osstell Connect


Tue. 19 June 2018, 11:12 PM Implant