Reach the most inaccessible areas with the New Hydrosonic Ortho

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Reach the most inaccessible areas with the New Hydrosonic Ortho

The Hydrosonic Ortho offers patients optimal oral home care thanks to the latest sonic technology. (Photograph: CURAPROX)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 8. November 2018


Interdental spaces, crowded teeth or the brackets of fixed orthodontic appliances are the most likely places to accumulate plaque. Efficient biofilm removal in these places however can be challenging. Swiss oral health brand CURAPROX now addresses these problems with its new Hydrosonic Ortho—an innovative sonic brush reaching the most inaccessible places—only available at professional dental practices and via the CURAPROX UK website.

A double cleaning
The Hydrosonic Ortho’s sonic technology ensures a double clean: mechanical and hydrodynamic. “Thanks to the secondary hydrodynamic cleaning action, the toothpaste and fluids that surround the user's teeth disrupt biofilm and plaque even where the bristles of a manual toothbrush do not touch: hard-to-reach tooth surfaces due to orthodontic treatment, implants, crowding, and interdental spaces and pockets of incipient periodontitis or peri-implantitis,” says renowned periodontology and preventative dentistry expert Dr Ulrich P. Saxer, who was key in the Hydrosonic Ortho’s development.

The latest in sonic technology
The Hydrosonic Ortho is exclusively available via professional dental practices or through the Curaprox UK web shop and offers patients the very latest sonic technology. With three different brush heads: ‘sensitive’ for sensitive teeth and gums, ‘power’ for healthy gums and a standard clean and ‘single’ for optimal gum line and interdental cleaning. Thanks to the CURACURVE brush head bend the patients are able to easily reach those critical areas that a normal toothbrush cannot. In addition, the Hydrosonic Ortho benefits from soft CUREN filaments, cleaning teeth and gums thoroughly but without causing damage. The powerful motor ranging from 22,000 up to 42,000 motions per minute and with seven different cleaning levels guarantees a gentle clean that achieves optimal results. The Hydrosonic Ortho kit further includes a travel case and charging station with a USB cable and USB power plug.

The new CURAPROX Hydrosonic Ortho allows patients & professionals to care for their teeth optimally while undergoing orthodontic treatment or when they are simply striving for thorough cleaning. Interested in stocking this product in your practice? Then call 01480 862084 or contact

Exclusive professional Offer
Until 31 December, order your own Hydrosonic Ortho via the CURAPROX UK Professional website and make the most of the limited professional launch offer of £90 including VAT and free packing and postage.

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