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Together, Tom and Theodora manage Curaden Clinics, Curaden's new department bringing practical concepts to dental clinics and practices. (Photograph: Curaden)
Kasper Mussche, DTI

Kasper Mussche, DTI

Fri. 14. December 2018


Just like every inventor needs a laboratory, Curaden needs the Holford Partners Curaden Dental Clinic. Located in the heart of London, the clinic serves as a testing ground for all things Curaden, including Prevention One. Prevention One, a revolutionary, prevention-based practice model, is spearheaded by Holford Partner’s very own Tom Huigen and Theodora Little.

“The Holford Partners Curaden Dental Clinic is where we can trial new products and concepts with our patients,” says Theodora, who works there as a dental hygienist and therapist. The dental clinic is where Curaden’s philosophy of prevention has become a reality, and it’s where Theodora trialled Prevention One almost three years ago. “Thanks to the clinic, we can try out everything that is coming out of Curaden and ensure it is used in the most effective way so we can provide our patients with the most innovative and highest quality prevention and care. The clinic has a lot of different professionals under one roof, so we have a wide range of disciplines, as well as dentitions and age groups to work with. As such, we have been able to trial Prevention One on a range of patient categories.”

Two birds with one stone
So, what is Prevention One? Basically, it is an innovative, prevention-based model for the dental practice to activate, reactivate and motivate existing and future patients. The concept not only makes prevention profitable for the practice, it enhances patient compliance and combines professional dental care with individual oral care at home. At home? The core element of Prevention One is the patient’s “BOB score”, or bleeding-on-brushing score. Using a mouth map as a visualisation tool on the Prevention One app or on the computer, patients can check at home which of their interdental spaces have active inflammation and which interdental brushes to use. This way, Prevention One kills two birds with one stone, since dental professionals can monitor their patients’ oral health and help them with their oral hygiene even outside the practice.

“We are not sitting in an ivory tower”
“The whole Prevention One concept comes from Curaden Clinics, a new business department within Curaden,” explains Tom, business developer for Prevention One. “The department was created to develop new concepts for dental clinics to use every day. We are not sitting in an ivory tower—with Prevention One, we’re introducing a concept that is useful in the daily routines of dental practices. Here, Theodora and I are like an odd couple. I do the marketing, business planning and even work as a video director every now and then, while Theodora is the clinical mind.”

In addition to her role at Holford Partners, Theodora is Curaden Clinics’ main manager, bringing together all Curaden’s products and concepts and presenting, training and supporting clinicians and teams on how to implement Prevention One in order to achieve Curaden’s philosophy of “better health for you”. When this philosophy is implemented, it benefits patients and clinicians alike. “When patients are that engaged, clinicians gain satisfaction as well,” Theodora says. “Treatment is no longer a one-way street. It has spiced up my working life as a hygienist. When you send patients home blind, you lose compliance, which is disheartening for every professional. Now, patients have the information available to them at all times, as well as a visual aid to assist them.”

"Treatment is no longer a one-way street"
According to Tom, “the beauty of Prevention One is that it is not merely a retail solution. This goes beyond supplying professionals with a box of toothbrushes. Prevention One is a philosophy of co-operation with the clinics that helps patients in the end.” Theodora agrees: “For both of us, Prevention One is being part of something that moves dentistry towards prevention. It is a self-development and growth tool for clinicians that also helps practices grow and develop. It’s all about moving forward. And at the end of the day, dental professionals want to make a change.”

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