“An implant solution for virtually every indication”

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“An implant solution for virtually every indication”

Tony Susino, group vice president of global implant solutions at Dentsply Sirona, is looking forward to meeting clinicians at the next DS Implant Solutions World Summit, which will take place in Athens in Greece on 8–10 June this year. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Dentsply Sirona made a strong impression at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2023 in Cologne, showcasing its broad portfolio of solutions that exhaustively address the needs of dental professionals. At the trade fair, Dental Tribune International spoke with Tony Susino, group vice president of global implant solutions at Dentsply Sirona, about the company’s new DS OmniTaper Implant System and the strategies behind its global implant programme for 2023.

Mr Susino, what can you tell us about Dentsply Sirona’s global implant programme and how it will cater for the changing needs of clinicians and patients?
Our implant programme has evolved based on changing market needs. There are many market dynamics to consider, and there are a few to which we are paying particular attention. Firstly, general practitioners place more implants. This is the way of the world today, and so we need to have solutions and drilling protocols that are straightforward and predictable and can cater for every experience level and every practice. Secondly, market consolidation is evident. Private equity companies are buying more dental practices, and as a result, more dentists are employees and fewer are small business owners. This means that dentists can split their working hours between different clinics. So, again, for these reasons, digital workflows and straightforward drilling protocols have become more important. Thirdly, we know that, on the one hand, value-added customer services are important to many clinicians. They want more peer-to-peer education, more partnerships and more of the things that differentiate a premium player. On the other hand, some clinicians prioritise a large volume of implants at a low price. With our portfolio strategy, we meet both needs.

How are you addressing both the premium and value implant markets?
Among my highest priorities when I started with Dentsply Sirona was to ensure our portfolio strategy was clear. We have many implant lines that came together through acquisitions made over the years, and having one clear harmonised premium implant system helps with brand clarity.

We have achieved this with our EV Implant Family, an efficacious premium line that has a success rate of around 99%, and—equally as important—through a dedicated sales team that provides partnership, value-added customer services and associated education. We are also prioritising ongoing sales representative training on a global basis. We know a sales team that is constantly learning will help clinicians to have greater confidence. Our EV Family is digitally connected and optimised for digital dentistry, and it offers seamless connectivity with Atlantis abutments; therefore, the offering addresses both product quality and predictable solutions. We also have a very strong global value brand—MIS—a high-quality product that prides itself on “Making it simple”. MIS has achieved exciting innovations around simplicity, and MIS implants provide clinicians with a simple protocol. For example, XD drills—sharp, disposable final drills—are included with every implant.

In certain regional markets, our Ankylos system continues to be a popular choice, and we will continue to support those practices with this brand as well.

The breadth of Dentsply Sirona’s digital solutions was on show at IDS 2023. (Image: Koelnmesse/IDS)

Dentsply Sirona is currently launching the OmniTaper EV Implant System, the newest member of the EV Implant Family. OmniTaper has been described as offering heightened flexibility and versatility. Why should clinicians choose it?
They should choose it because of the tried-and-true OsseoSpeed surface, the predictability of the drilling protocol and the quality of the digitally optimised EV connection. Think of the EV Family like this: there are three types of basic implant designs—fully tapered, traditionally tapered and parallel walled. For fully tapered implants, we have PrimeTaper EV; for parallel walled implants, we have Astra Tech EV; and now, the new OmniTaper EV addresses traditionally tapered implants. All three have the same, one-position-only EV Connection that is optimised for digital workflows. Whichever implant body clinicians choose based on clinical indication, the practice only needs to stock one abutment inventory for their restorations. For me, the exciting thing about OmniTaper EV is the straightforward, predictable drilling protocol. It is an implant solution for virtually every indication in the mouth.

What does Dentsply Sirona have planned for the OmniTaper launch?
We first announced OmniTaper EV in September 2022 at the EAO Congress in Geneva in Switzerland for the European market. The product launch in the US took place on 16 March at the 2023 Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting in Phoenix in Arizona. We also officially launched the notion of the EV Family with OmniTaper EV as its newest member. So that is very exciting for us because it represents clarity around our premium offering.

From a global perspective, the exciting thing about OmniTaper is that its design is based on the Xive implant, which has been very successful for decades. OmniTaper is inspired by Xive. It has the same body as Xive, but features the same OsseoSpeed surface as Astra Tech Implant System EV. We think it offers the best of both worlds. It has a predictable design, surface technology that is best in class and a harmonised, digitally optimised restorative platform.

“Dentsply Sirona is the only implant company that owns and manufactures all the products that clinicians need along the value chain”

Some companies have said that they expect lower demand for elective procedures in 2023. How do you think the global dental implants market will develop this year?
We are watching the market dynamics closely, and over the years, trends like increased unemployment rates and decreases in 401k savings in the US are leading indicators for a slowdown of elective procedures. That said, implant therapy is becoming the gold standard of care, and more insurance providers are covering it. Ten to 15 years ago, the greatest competition to implant dentistry was crown-and-bridge dentistry. Now, implant dentistry is becoming increasingly a preferred and accessible option, so there are fewer reasons to delay treatment. All markets are different, and there are obviously new market conditions, like in China, where the value-based procurement (VBP) methodology is being implemented. We were delighted to learn that both our Grade 4 titanium Astra Tech implants and Grade 5 titanium MIS implants were selected to be part of the VBP. We are well positioned to continue to be a global leader in implant dentistry.

How will digital workflows complement Dentsply Sirona’s global implant programme in 2023?
From a digital workflow perspective, we often talk about signature workflows, and we do this because Dentsply Sirona is the only implant company that owns and manufactures all the products that clinicians need along the value chain—from the initial patient consultation to the final crown that is placed—and throughout the entire implant journey. This is good for the patient and for our customers because dentists can personalise their workflows. We have everything they need, no matter where they are in this journey. Whether it is with a Primescan intra-oral scanner or with CEREC, with an implant or in orthodontic therapy, we can meet them at their point of need because we have it all.

The DS Implant Solutions World Summit will take place in June. How does this event augment the company’s offering?
Peer-to-peer education is a key differentiator in the market, and we are doing many things to drive this forward. I love implant dentistry and the clinicians we serve because they are passionate about their craft and are lifelong learners. One of the major events that we will organise on a global scale to encourage this learning is our World Summit, which will take place in Athens in Greece on 8–10 June this year. We expect it to be sold out, and that clinicians from all around the world will converge on Athens to learn from one another and to gain a better understanding of our brands. There, they will have the chance to debate and learn, and will hopefully leave with greater confidence, a certain fidelity to one another, and also a bond with our products and our people.

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