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Achieving anatomical shape, support and colour with an Atlantis patient-specific abutment

The implant was placed 3 mm apical to the cervical contour of the planned restoration, symmetrically from the mesial to distal aspect, and 2 mm to the lingual aspect in order to preserve the buccal bone that would support the soft tissue. (Image: Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya)

Thu. 19. August 2021


The aim of this case presentation is to show a step-by-step workflow with Atlantis patient-specific abutments. The case is of a 36-year-old patient with a vertical fracture of tooth #46 who was referred to our clinic.

The treatment plan was to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant using a conventional placement and loading protocol. The challenge was to restore the position of the gingival contour and the interproximal papillae to have the appearance of a natural tooth. In order to achieve a long-term, natural-looking result, an Atlantis abutment (Dentsply Sirona) was selected to provide the optimal anatomical shape, support and colour.

Editorial note:  The prosthetic work presented in this article was prepared by certified dental technician Francisco Ortega of Labordent in Malaga in Spain. A list of references available from the publisher. This article was published in digital―international magazine of digital dentistry Vol. 2, Issue 2/2021.

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