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MIS announces release of B+ implant surface

MIS Implants Technologies latest product novelty, the B+ implant surface treatment, will be launched in March. (Photograph: MIS)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 3. February 2017


BAR-LEV, Israel: This March, MIS Implants Technologies is officially launching its latest in implant engineering, the B+ implant surface treatment, at the International Dental Show in Cologne. The B+ layer bonds chemically with the surface of the titanium dioxide of an implant and integrates perfectly with existing and newly forming bone, achieving greater initial osseointegration and longer-term stability.

Dr Björn-Owe Aronsson, who developed this unique surface together with his team at Nano Bridging Molecules, has presented case studies in which B+ proved very efficient in maintaining the bone level over time. This is particularly beneficial for patients with compromised bone healing and poor blood supply. The specific bone-bonding properties of the surface have proved to produce greater fixation of the implant in the early stages post-placement, as well as greater stability later on.

Aronsson explains: “Titanium is used as implant material due to its inertness and high acceptance by the body. Over the years, however, a wish for faster and more predictable integration with the bone has been driving research on the importance of the surface structural and chemical properties.”

The surface consists of a monolayer of multi-phosphonate molecules. These have a very high affinity to titanium dioxide, enabling a true covalent bond. The unique properties of this layer also make it extremely hydrophilic, which facilitates the colonisation of cells on the surface naturally. Research has even shown that blood vessels grow directly into the surface of the implant, which is unaffected by the oral environment and has been proved very stable in different pH levels.

“With the initial results from testing of the B+ surface, it was discovered that, for the first time, specific biochemical bonding can be obtained already at the very early healing phase after implantation,” Aronsson said.

MIS was very excited to learn about these discoveries and immediately saw the potential for a major breakthrough. Having been seeking a suitable company to partner with, Aronsson and his team were equally enthusiastic about embarking on the commercialisation phase with a company able to achieve rapid implementation in clinical practice and with a strong position in the market to advance their product.

Most recently, MIS has launched a user experience project involving 250 participants worldwide, who will be placing ten implants each with the B+ surface and reporting their experiences. The results of studies conducted by Aronsson and his team are extremely promising and both partners are exploring future applications for this advancement.

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