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MIS releases new EZ-Base abutment

Designed for extreme angulation, the new MIS abutment will provide practitioners with more freedom of choice for prosthetic restorations. (Image: MIS)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 19. July 2017


BAR LEV INDUSTRIAL PARK, Israel: MIS Implants Technologies has announced the release of a new Ti-Base abutment that offers a solution for anterior screw-retained restorations.

According to the implant manufacturer, restoration placement has never been simpler than with the EZ-Base system. The new abutment is designed for extreme angulation and offers safe handling within its screw channel. In addition, more angle options allow for greater comfort for the clinician performing anterior and posterior restorations with convenient handling and placement.

“It’s critical to keep our R & D in direct correlation with the market’s needs,” commented Dr Shelly Akazany, Implants Product Manager at MIS, on the launch. “Both screw-retained solutions and CAD/CAM technologies are in accelerated growth. The EZ-Base belongs to both worlds.”

The EZ-Base screwdriver features a unique tip that allows safe and reliable access from multiple angles, as well as gripping, tightening and loosening within the angulated screw channel with the convenience and at a torque similar to that of a straight screw channel.

According to the company, the system provides an entire range of possibilities for prosthetic restorations in the aesthetic zone. Whereas screw-retained restorations may not have been an option for many anterior cases in the past, the EZ-Base system now provides a solution. It may be used in a digitally planned procedure incorporating CAD/CAM technologies or using conventional methods.

Akazany explained: “It’s important for us, in the Products Division, to offer a broad range of prosthetic options in order to make the clinician’s life simpler, by having the most appropriate solution for each specific case without having to compromise. The EZ-Base system enables more freedom of choice and the ability to perform screw-retrained restorations in cases that would have been previously ruled out.”

The EZ-Base system is available for narrow, standard and wide platforms and in both conical and internal hex connections. EZ-Base is also offered in both fixed gingival heights and adjustable options for optimal customisation and convenience.

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