MIS celebrates 25 years of making it simple

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MIS celebrates 25 years of making it simple

Two brothers founded MIS Implants Technologies in 1995 in Israel. (Image: MIS)


Wed. 21. October 2020


AHIHUD, Israel: This year, MIS Implants Technologies is celebrating its 25th anniversary. During these two and a half decades, the company has taken on countless challenges, explored many developments and celebrated numerous breakthroughs. Today, MIS is an established global business and one of the major competitors on the dental implant market.

It all began on a scorching and humid August day in 1995 in the north of Israel, when the two Peretz brothers produced their first implant with a single machine in their workshop, which was actually owned by the bank. Overcoming many technical difficulties, from drilling to design, the young brothers succeeded in selling their first order of 100 implants in November that year.

With a close friend as their sales force, and a brand-new Vespa scooter Doron Peretz had won in a lottery give-away, they set out to meet their potential customers and sell their new implant. Within a few years, MIS had gained much experience, as well as new customers in Israel, Turkey, Spain and Portugal, and set its sights on a global market.

A global emergence

Five years after releasing its first implant, MIS set out into the big world. The young company focused its efforts on a few strategic locations, knocking on every door in Europe. However, this was a very conventional and tough market to crack. Therefore, MIS opened its own distribution channel devoted to the European market. With a new international location and a small team of dedicated sales representatives, the company exhibited at the International Dental Show in Cologne in Germany in 2001.

The addition of an Italian distributor, Revello; a Greek distributor, NEGRIN IN Dental; and a recently opened MIS branch in the US helped the fairly new company expand globally and become a serious competitor in the field.


As MIS grew, expanding from 45 to 165 employees at its headquarters, so did the market demand for its implants. This growth led to an increase of workspace and machinery between 2005 and 2010. The once sole and by then outdated apparatus was replaced by dozens of state-of-the-art machines for production, as well as inspection and quality control. It was time to move the operation to a much larger location, not far from the original building in a brand-new industrial and technological park.

Creativity and innovation

With the move to its new facilities and acquisition of new technology from 2010 to 2015, MIS was well on its way to a time of creativity and innovation. The research and development team was looking for innovations that would put the company on the right path towards the goal of simple products that would make a real difference. MIS looked to the market and its customers for an answer, and this led its team to implants with a conical connection, as well as the exciting new world of digital dentistry solutions.

While research and development looked for the areas and targets of innovation for the products, MIS was busy transforming the business model as well. The company began moving towards a subsidiary model, establishing localised, regional centres that would provide a distribution and support point of focus for customers around the world.

Celebration of expertise

After developing, working and thriving for two decades, it was time for the company to invite all its loyal customers, partners and friends to the first MIS Global Conference, in 2011. In this arena too, the MIS spirit set the pace for unforgettable, highly professional and fun conferences, drawing key opinion leaders and guests from all over the globe.

Looking ahead to the next 25 years

With all the amazing changes and developments which have taken MIS to where it is today, it is the company’s goal to keep the focus on the same basic principles of simplicity, passion for its work, and commitment to its customers, partners and team. The company hopes that the next 25 years will be just as exciting and successful.

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