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Nobel Biocare presents new On1 restorative concept at EAO

Congress visitors can learn about the new On1 concept at the Nobal Biocare booth (D2) until Saturday. (Photograph: Anne Faulmann, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 26. September 2016


PARIS, France: At the congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), currently being held in Paris, dental implants manufacturer Nobel Biocare is presenting the latest innovations in its product range. An important new addition to the company’s assortment of components is the On1 concept.1 This pioneering modular solution bridges the gap between the surgical and prosthetic workflows.

The On1 Base connects to the implant during surgery and remains in place throughout the healing process, the prosthetic work and the lifetime of the restoration. It extends the connection for restorative components to tissue level. Therefore, unlike with conventional two-stage healing and temporary abutments for bone level implants, the biological seal created by the soft tissue remains undisturbed for optimised healing.

The restorative components based on the On1 concept have been designed for ease of use. For example, the On1 IOS Healing Cap supports an intra-oral scanning approach, which can speed up the impression-taking process. In addition, the On1 IOS Healing Cap, the On1 Base and the On1 Temporary Abutment all come with a pre-mounted handle for easier placement.

The On1 concept allows the surgeon to use three different implant systems with internal conical connection—NobelActive, NobelParallel and NobelReplace. Moreover, it ensures that only precision-engineered Nobel Biocare components may be used for the restoration, eliminating the risks associated with an ill-fitting or non-biocompatible third-party abutment. For the restorative clinician, raising the connection to tissue level not only ensures no interference with the soft tissue during healing, but also simplifies the placement of restorative components.

Provides restorative flexibility

Two height options provide increased flexibility, enabling a change of the On1 Base depending on the thickness of the soft tissue. Unlike with conventional tissue level implants, this makes it possible to optimise short- and long-term aesthetic outcomes. Depending on the indication or personal preference, the restorative clinician can choose either a cement-retained or a screw-retained final restoration.

In summary, the On1 concept is much more than a new abutment line: it is an innovative restorative approach developed to support soft-tissue healing and address the clinician’s desire for flexibility and ease of use.

Visitors to the EAO congress are invited to view and try out the full range of Nobel Biocare’s products, including the new On1 components, at Booth D2.

1.The On1 concept is under 510(k) review for clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration and is currently not available in the US.

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