Nobel Biocare debuts metal-free ceramic implant solution at EuroPerio9

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Nobel Biocare debuts metal-free ceramic implant solution at EuroPerio9

Vice President Implant Systems and Research Stefan Holst, President Hans Geiselhöringer, and Vice President Multi-brand Strategy Sandro Matter (from left) at the Nobel Biocare press conference on Thursday. (Photograph: Daniel Zimmermann, Nobel Biocare)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 22. June 2018


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Recent trends in dental implantology have indicated increasing patient demand for ceramic-based solutions with the appearance and feel of natural teeth. With this in mind, Nobel Biocare is showcasing NobelPearl, its alumina-toughened zirconia-based implant, at EuroPerio9 in Amsterdam.

An alternative to titanium implants, the metal-free NobelPearl has been designed for excellent soft-tissue attachment and low inflammatory response, and its zirconia material especially benefits patients with a thin gingival biotype. It offers greater restorative flexibility compared with one-piece or cemented ceramic implants owing to its two-piece, reversible, cement-free internal connection, specifically designed for ceramic implants. With NobelPearl, the risks of excess cement during intra-oral cementation, often associated with soft-tissue inflammation and the development of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, can thus be avoided.

Combined with the tapered-drill protocol, the thread design and tapered implant shape of NobelPearl have been engineered to achieve high primary stability. Osseointegration is achieved with help of the hydrophilic sandblasted and acid-etched ZERAFIL surface, as well as the partially machined collar. As no sintering or finishing takes place after the final shaping of the implant, a high level of dimensional precision and accuracy can be achieved.

NobelPearl is available for a broad range of indications, from single to multiple units, and follows established workflows for two-piece implants. It will also be integrated into Nobel Biocare’s digital workflow that includes treatment planning with the NobelClinician software and guided implant surgery with NobelGuide pilot drilling. Additionally, clinicians will be able to offer patients the NobelPearl Ceramic Base CAD/CAM solution using DTX Studio design software later this year.

“The demand by patients for ceramic implants has been steadily growing,” said Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Nobel Biocare.

“With NobelPearl, we are proud to finally bring the first completely metal-free screw-retained two-piece implant system to the market. The result of many years of active research in ceramic dental implant technology, it adds an exciting full-ceramic metal-free dental implant option to Nobel Biocare’s leading range of titanium dental implants with the clinically proven TiUnite surface.”

Some other developments being presented by Nobel Biocare at EuroPerio9 include GalvoSurge’s Dental Implant Cleaning System GS 1000. Designed with long-term implant maintenance in mind, this product will be available from the beginning of 2019 through Nobel Biocare, the company’s exclusive global distribution partner. Also on display is X-Nav Technologies’ X-Guide, a 3-D navigation system for implants that is fully integrated with NobelPearl.

EuroPerio9 visitors can learn more about NobelPearl and Nobel Biocare’s portfolio at Booth 10.11 in Hall 10.1.  More information can be obtained here.

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