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Straumann to host virtual symposium on biomaterials

At a virtual symposium on 20 October hosted by implantology leader Straumann, four international dental clinicians will detail their experiences with biomaterials. (Image: Straumann)


Thu. 14. October 2021


BASEL, Switzerland: Biomaterials can often play a key role in many regenerative and restorative therapeutic approaches in dentistry. Proper understanding of biomaterials and their properties, biological response and correct application for the specific indication is pivotal to ensuring overall treatment success. At an upcoming virtual symposium presented by implantology leader Straumann, four experienced international clinicians will deliver expert insights into how biomaterials can be used in a range of contemporary key indications.

Dr Martina Stefanini. (Image: Straumann)

The Straumann Biomaterials Global Symposium will be held on Wednesday, 20 October, at 4 p.m. CEST and will be moderated by Dr Martina Stefanini, a research fellow at the University of Bologna in Italy. Each presenter will elaborate on their clinical decision-making processes when using biomaterials in immediate and delayed implant placement, regenerative periodontal therapy, and regenerative peri-implant therapy.

The first presenter, Dr Caspar Wohlfahrt, will provide attendees with an overview of the most recent developments and treatment options in regenerative periodontal therapy. The Norwegian periodontist and clinical researcher will illustrate different approaches through clinical cases and demonstrate how and for what purposes regenerative therapies can be applied at different treatment stages.

The US-based periodontist Dr Robert J. Miller will then help participants sharpen their skills in extraction socket management. In his presentation, Miller will explore the role of case selection criteria in decision-making for immediate or delayed implant placement. He will also present possible regenerative approaches involving allografts to support immediate or late implant placement procedures adequately.

Dr Eik Schiegnitz. (Image: Straumann)

Clinicians looking to refine their decision-making skills in gap management in immediate implant placement will benefit from attending the third presentation, by Dr Eik Schiegnitz. The German academic clinical researcher has extensive experience dealing with dental implants and biomaterials and will discuss the factors that affect labial and buccal bone resorption associated with post-extraction implant placement. He will also discuss possible grafting modalities and recommendations in the context of treatment modalities, defect types, and physiological and local preconditions of the patient. Furthermore, Schiegnitz will highlight appropriate types of bone grafts and their specific applications in assisting hard- and soft-tissue healing around the implant.

Finally, the experienced Spanish periodontist and implantologist Dr Erik Regidor will explore peri-implant disease, its classification and how it can be properly managed. He will discuss clinical decision-making for the treatment of peri-implantitis with a focus on regenerative approaches and the application of biomaterials for these purposes. Regidor will also cover the importance of supportive maintenance programmes.

Straumann Biomaterials invites dental professionals to join this virtual symposium so that they can have increased confidence in the decision-making processes that apply to clinical challenges faced daily. Registration via the Straumann Campus is free of charge.

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