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DLyte Desktop PRO: The first ultra-compact dry electropolishing machine

September 21, 2021

COLOGNE, Germany: GPAINNOVA, the leading global company in dry electropolishing technology, has recently launched DLyte Desktop PRO, the very first ultra-compact dry electropolishing machine on the market.

This new device includes all the advantages of any DLyte system currently available and allows any company, no matter what the size, to access disruptive dry electropolishing technology. This includes small dental laboratories needing a cost-effective solution for metal surface finishing processes.

DLyte Desktop PRO is affordable for any company because of its small dimensions (450 mm x 521 mm x 471 mm), its price and the fact of its not requiring a special pre-existing electrical or compressed air installation. Thanks to its intuitive software, it is the perfect choice for any professional because anyone, even with no prior knowledge, can easily learn how to operate it. 

With the standard software, this device is suitable for polishing cobalt-chromium, titanium and stainless steel. With an optional software upgrade, it can treat several other different types of metal, including copper, brass, nickel alloys, aluminium and hard metals.  

Metal frameworks are homogeneously finished up to ten times faster by the new DLyte Desktop PRO than by any other equipment. It increases productivity and enables the technician to focus on high-value activities while the machine is treating the parts. 

DLyte Desktop PRO features outstanding design and high-quality components, guaranteeing the lowest possible maintenance cost. These benefits, along with the automation process, reduce costs by up to 80%. The equipment causes no danger to human health, since the automation of surface finishing with DLyte Desktop PRO protects technicians from exposure to the chemical agents at work. Additionally, the consumables used are safe and clean, without the hazards of chemical liquid waste or dust during the processing and handling. 

IDS visitors are welcome to experience the products first-hand at the company's booth (#B030–C031) in Hall 2.2.

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