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Gum Health Day 2020 takes digital approach

BRUSSELS, Belgium: Traditionally, the European Federation of Periodontology’s (EFP) annual Gum Health Day has featured a plethora of social initiatives designed to increase public awareness of periodontal disease. Owing to the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Gum Health Day 2020 will instead take place today primarily online and will have a strong emphasis on promoting the message of “Say NO to bleeding gums” through social media.

This is the seventh edition of this awareness day, and it will be celebrated by the EFP along with its 37 affiliated national societies of periodontics. According to the association, the day is intended to help people around the world recognise some of the main signs of periodontal disease and to make them cognisant of how gingival health can affect overall health.

“Bleeding gums are something that most of us can relate to, since most of us have experienced them at some stage of our life. The issue here is that bleeding gums are not normal, as many may believe, and one has to do something about it!” Stavropoulos stated in an EFP memo regarding Gum Health Day 2020.

In line with the move to an online environment, one of the main events of the day will be an educational discussion between Gum Health Day 2020 co-ordinator Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos and London dentist Dr Reena Wadia on the EFP’s Instagram page. The conversation will take place at 4 p.m. CEST today and will be aimed at interested members of the general public as well as dental professionals.

Gum Health Day 2020 is a major EFP initiative to get the public informed every year of the value of healthy gums for a healthy life,” explained Xavier Struillou, president of the EFP.

“Even if we are living exceptional, strange times worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic, we should not forget the role of gum health in our global health,” he added.

The EFP has encouraged its affiliated members to use the hashtag #GumHealthDay for any related social media posts and to encourage health professionals to sign the EFP manifesto, a call to action that concerns the prevention, early detection and treatment of periodontal disease.

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