Osteology Foundation to celebrate anniversary with new logo

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Osteology Foundation to celebrate anniversary with new logo

In 2023, the Osteology Foundation will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a rebranding. (Image/video: Ink Drop/Shutterstock, Osteology Foundation)
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By Dental Tribune International

Fri. 6. May 2022


LUCERNE, Switzerland: The Osteology Foundation, a global organisation that supports science, research training and education in oral tissue regeneration, has recently announced the launch of its new logo. For now, the new logo will be solely used for promotion of the International Osteology Symposium, which will be held next year from 27 to 29 April in Barcelona in Spain. At the symposium, the new logo will be officially introduced and the story behind it presented.

The symposium will be held under the theme “WE ARE RE:GENERATION” and provide attendees with the most recent scientific knowledge on oral tissue regeneration presented by experts.

The foundation’s main objective is the promotion of research and education for the benefit of patients worldwide. It was founded in 2003 by Dr Peter Geistlich, together with the company Geistlich Pharma and various like-minded experts, in Lucerne. Its core activities include funding of research and organisation of symposia throughout the world. In addition, its online platform, THE BOX, provides education, tools and networking opportunities for researchers and practitioners in oral tissue regeneration.

More information on the 2023 international symposium can be found at www.osteology-barcelona.org.

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