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The curvilinear shape of RAYFace renders additional studio space for lighting and cameras unnecessary. (Image: Ray)

By Ray

Sun. 19. September 2021


COLOGNE, Germany: Since its establishment in 2004, Ray has been dedicated to creating a better world by providing reliable and innovative radiographic imaging solutions in the dental industry.

RAYSCAN Studio is a 5-in-1 solution for patient 3D diagnostic information. (Image: Ray)

At IDS 2019, the company introduced its game-changing RAYSCAN Studio five-in-one CBCT device, including a facial scanner, and debuted its 3D-printing solution. Since then, the RAYFace 3D facial scanner and RAYDent Mill milling machine were introduced to the market in 2020 and 2021, respectively. 

The world’s first directly printed clear aligner 

RAYSmiler is provided through a completely model-less digital procedure. It is directly printed from a 3D printer instead of manufactured through thermoforming. Through the process, the gap between the teeth and aligner in undercuts is minimised, allowing outstanding adhesion. During design, the thickness can be adjusted, improving the effectiveness of treatment. The aligner reverts to its original shape when put in hot water (approximate transformation temperature of 80–85°C). 

Moreover, RAYSmiler comes with My Lab, a top-notch cloud service which provides for communication and data sharing between general dentists, specialists and laboratory partners. Through the system, general practitioners can seek advice from specialists and send orders to the laboratory. Having a single system through which to share data and information and make purchases will substantially increase effectiveness in treatment and workflow, creating abundant opportunities for users. 

Plans for IDS 2023

RAYiOS is Ray Medical's intra-oral scanner, (Image: Ray Medical)

Had conditions allowed us to exhibit at IDS 2021, we would have showcased the SCAN-DESIGN-MAKE complete digital workflow along with the RAYiOS intra-oral scanner and RAYSmiler. Moving forward, we would love to share how our digital solution, the fully digitised workflow that we have developed, has delivered to all of our users with the complete line-up of products. By IDS 2023, we will have more feedback from our users on how they have utilised our solution and products and how these have changed their daily practice.

More information can be found on the comapany website at

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One thought on “The complete digital workflow of Ray

  1. Ninette Banday says:

    Would like to get more information on the CBCT unit. Also do you have a digital workflow which can then be incorporated in the Dental Laboratory.

    Is there anywhere we can visit to see how its done before making a decision to buy it

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