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The whiteSKY implant system has proven its worth on both a clinical and scientific level since its launch in 2006. Science-based long-term results spanning over more than ten years attest to its success. These findings demonstrate that whiteSKY zirconium implants can achieve results which are comparable to those achieved with titanium implants.

Under the headline “Scientific success – in a new form”, the second generation of whiteSKY now incorporates all the advantages of the classic whiteSKY in a modern, enhanced design. The intricate production from compressed zirconium and one-piece design have been maintained in the whiteSKY T.L. This ensures whiteSKY T.L. implants are extremely stable, a key factor for whiteSKY’s long-term success.

The benefits of whiteSKY

  • Long-term studies available since 2006
  • Conical cylindrical implant shape
  • Self-tapping double thread
  • Compression thread (bone quality = primary stability)
  • Finely structured sandblasted surface
  • Implant shoulder with horizontal microgrooves; perfect gingiva positioning, as the structure of the microgrooves is similar to the natural gingiva
  • 100% metal-free

More information can be found at www.bredent-implants.com.

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