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Daekwang IDM – Kerator

Kerator is an overdenture system manufactured by Daekwang IDM, which can be used in a variety of cases and is compatible with all implant systems. Kerator is suitable for maxillary and mandibular dentures as well as partial and mini dentures. It can be used for 4 mm narrow bone widths.

Other advantages include:

  • An included plastic carrier provides safer handling of the abutment. The carrier is also useful for checking the alignment angles of the implant fixtures.
  • Kerator has the lowest vertical height of all overdenture attachment system available today.
  • The dual retention male allows the denture cap to gently pivot in any natural direction during occlusal while providing greater resiliency and preventing it from dislodging.
  • The self-aligning design automatically centres the male on the housing attachment prior to engagement, allowing patients to easily seat their overdenture.
  • The extended range male allows for insertion of the overdenture with up to 40 degrees of divergence between implants. The 15-degree angled abutments can be used in combination to further extend the allowable divergence.
  • The dual undercut design of the Kerator metal housing attachment provides a sturdier retention within the denture acrylic.

More information can be found at www.kerator.com.


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