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EXPASYL EXACT: Effective and atraumatic gingival retraction

EXPASYL EXACT now comes in a cost-effective, single-use capsule. (Image: ACTEON)


Fri. 21. February 2020


CHICAGO, U.S.: Few products have had such a positive effect on dentistry as the EXPASYL gingival retraction paste from ACTEON. After 20 years of clinical research and efficacy, EXPASYL continues to be the choice of many dentists for tissue management during restorative and cosmetic dental treatment. Now, EXPASYL EXACT is available on the market. It offers the same results in the exact amount needed in a cost-effective, single-use capsule that can be used in any composite gun. This means that there will be no more wasted material and there is no need to purchase expensive application guns. At the 155th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting currently being held in Chicago, interested parties can view the new product at the ACTEON booth (#2811).

EXPASYL EXACT provides pain-free gingival retraction as well as hemostasis and reduction of crevicular fluid. Whether the impression is taken digitally or with traditional methods, the emergence profile and cervical limit are captured completely. This means an improved quality of digital images and impressions for creating perfectly esthetic crowns.

The product provides superior outcomes owing to gentle but effective retraction. Clinical studies show that EXPASYL EXACT produces up to 9.2 times more pressure than other retraction pastes1, for better efficacy. Moreover, it produces 37 times less pressure2 but significantly better sulcular opening3 than cords, providing greater patient comfort and clinical effectiveness. Excellent tissue management is also one of the hallmarks of EXPASYL EXACT.

In addition to superior sulcular opening, patients experience no pain. With 15% aluminum chloride, EXPASYL EXACT also delivers an outstanding hemostatic effect and controls crevicular fluid flow, which are vital for clear digital impression procedures. The viscosity of EXPASYL EXACT also allows dental professionals to use it with or without a cord, depending on the procedure.

Interested parties can contact the company for a sample of the new EXPASYL EXACT gingival retraction paste at

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