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Unveiling of the New ACTEON: “Caring People. Improving Lives”

IDS visitors have the opportunity to learn more about ACTEON at booth #Booth E030–F049 in Hall 10.1. (Image: Kolenmesse)

Tue. 14. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: The ACTEON team is extremely happy to unveil the New ACTEON and share its latest innovations in the dental industry at IDS 2023. Building on more than 70 years of success in serving healthcare professionals, the ACTEON Group has entered a new, accelerated phase of innovation, expansion and digitalisation for the benefit of its customers worldwide.

The New ACTEON is being brought to life by more than 800 dedicated and passionate employees around the world, serving hundreds of thousands of care providers and more than 100 million patients per year.

The New ACTEON transformation is based on three key focus areas:

  • being a human-centric organisation focused on the needs of patients and care providers;
  • providing tailored workflow solutions that maximise the total effectiveness, efficiency and economics of achieving desired clinical outcomes; and
  • providing innovative and integrated healthcare solutions that address patients’ continuous healthcare needs over their lifetimes.

The New ACTEON transformation began in mid-2020 and has already yielded important improvements and helped achieve record-high financial results in 2021 and again in 2022. The early successes can be attributed to the combination of the strengths of the group’s three core technology platforms. By exploiting the benefits of combining ACTEON solutions for image acquisition, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, care providers can achieve improvements in overall treatment outcomes. The New ACTEON brand is a representation of the three core platforms growing together dynamically to achieve more.

The current phase of the New ACTEON transformation is based on a fundamental improvement to the group’s product, service and system innovation processes. Record levels of investment are being made to increase the company’s product development pipeline and manufacturing infrastructure, particularly in creating integrated workflow solutions. By combining cross-functional resources across the group’s five innovation centres with world-class external partners and direct input from global customer representatives, the ACTEON Group will release more products and upgrades in the next three years than in the last ten years combined.

The New ACTEON is harnessing the information revolution. The current trend in medical care is towards continuous proactive care utilising past and present information from many sources to reduce the rate of occurrence and severity of future health issues, ultimately leading to improved patient quality of life. The New ACTEON concept aims to supercharge its clinical solutions with information systems for better patient outcomes and, consequently, added value for clinical and commercial partners.

Taking the total lifetime care concept into consideration, the New ACTEON endeavour is further enabled by the ACTEON management platform, which is the information backbone connecting all ACTEON products, services and systems internally and with third-party systems. Through the platform, the ACTEON Group is moving forward with its digital transformation to become one of the leading integrated dental solution providers. The platform, in combination with ACTEON’s products and services, will ultimately improve the effectiveness, efficiency and economics of healthcare.

The launch of the New ACTEON is an incredible step forward for one of the most trusted names in healthcare. However, this is only the beginning of an ever-accelerating era.

IDS attendees are encouraged to experience the New ACTEON in person at Booth E030–F049 in Hall 10.1.

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