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Safer and predictable piezo-surgery with ACTEON

ACTEON Group CEO Marie-Laure Pochon with the Piezotome Cube. (Photograph: DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 20. June 2018


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: During extractions, it is sometimes difficult to preserve the alveolar bone, particularly when using rotary instruments. Now, Piezotome CUBE offers an alternative tool for tooth extractions. Tips that have been designed specifically for this procedure are very thin, allowing the practitioner to precisely insert the tip to separate the root from the bone by gently cutting the periodontal fibres, thus allowing for immediate implant placement by keeping the bone structure intact.

According to ACTEON, its innovative ultrasonic surgical device Piezotome CUBE drastically improves the experience of bone surgery procedures, representing a new approach to minimally invasive surgery. It is particularly relevant for extraction, for which the use of predictable and safe technology is essential to achieve superior results for patients.

On 21 June, ACTEON is presenting a symposium at EuroPerio9 that will focus on less-invasive surgeries and shorter treatment protocols for better patient acceptance using Piezotome CUBE, in the Emeral Room from 12.30 to 2 p.m. In the first presentation, Drs Salvador Nares and Diyari Abdah will discuss less traumatic piezo-extraction with immediate implant placement through bone preservation. Thereafter, Drs France Lambert and Carole Charavet will present the new surgical technique of Piezocision, a flapless treatment for accelerated orthodontic surgery. Visitors can experience it first-hand at ACTEON’s booth (#10.10). For more information, dental professionals can visit

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