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It’s time for atraumatic extractions

France-based company ACTEON is presenting its new surgical device, Piezotome Cube STAR, at IDS 2019. (Photograph: Luke Gribble, DTI)


Wed. 13. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Piezotome Cube STAR is a new piezo-surgery device manufactured by ACTEON. Being introduced at IDS 2019, Piezotome Cube STAR provides full preservation of the crestal bone with a surgery duration comparable to that of rotary instruments. Combining two patented technologies, Newtron and D.P.S.I., the new handpiece developed by ACTEON engineers allows practitioners to drill safely into the bone. Once again, ACTEON demonstrates its capacity for innovation and expertise in developing products that become the gold standard for dental surgery.

The innovative Piezotome Cube STAR ultrasonic surgical device significantly improves practitioners’ experience and represents the new gold standard in surgery as proven by systematic reviews.1 Offering high-quality bone management, Piezotome Cube STAR is the minimally invasive solution for dentists. Immediate implant placement can be challenging when using rotary instruments, but with Piezotome Cube STAR, there is

  • no risk of damaging the alveolar bone—safely remove the tooth while fully preserving the surrounding bone walls to graft the site or place your implant;
  • no risk of piercing the Schneiderian membrane with a bur—safely perform a lateral or trans-crestal sinus lift and place your implant; and
  • no risk of bone loss after split-crest procedures—gently cut the bone with micrometric precision and place your implant.

Thanks to the new STAR tips, Piezotome Cube STAR offers a complete solution for preparing your implant site without the need for rotary instruments, making your surgery more predictable and safer. The increased power allows you to drill through cortical bone without pressure, while maintaining tactility to guide you safely within the surgical site.

Traumatic extractions can lead to negative experiences for both clinicians and patients, which may affect their relationship.2,3 With the demand for immediate implants on the rise, preserving the bone walls of the extraction socket with Piezotome ridge preservation is key for surgical success. Minimising any trauma caused during the extraction procedure is crucial.

From a dental professional’s point of view and supported by more than ten years of scientific evidence, Piezotome surgery provides safer surgical procedures, with maximum soft-tissue protection and bone preservation, precise micrometric bone cutting and optimal visibility owing to a blood-free surgical site. 1,4,5 It is indicated for extractions of molars or premolars, difficult-to-access teeth, merged roots, root fractures, and ankylosed or impacted teeth. It makes extractions more comfortable, encourages better healing and enhances the general postoperative outcome. Using Piezotome for extractions has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and swelling by up to 50 per cent, resulting in a decreased requirement of analgesic of up to 50 per cent, as well the absence of nerve lesions compared with 16 per cent of cases with rotary instruments.1,4

Acquiring Piezotome Cube STAR is more than just buying a surgical device; ACTEON believes the quality of its customer service is every bit as important as the quality of its products. The group provides truly personalised support based on the individual practitioner’s needs and specific situation.

If you are interested in accessing the expert range, come by the ACTEON booth (#M060–N069) in Hall 10.2 to try it and challenge your colleagues!

Editorial Note: A list of references can be obtained from the publisher.

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