Dental News - AEEDC Dubai 2018: ACTEON and PRODONT-HOLLIGER exhibit together

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AEEDC Dubai 2018: ACTEON and PRODONT-HOLLIGER exhibit together

ACTEON and PRODONT-HOLLIGER exhibit together at AEEDC 2018. (Photograph: Monique Mehler, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 6. February 2018


DUBAI, UAE: In summer 2017, ACTEON announced its acquisition of PRODONT-HOLLIGER with the aim of strengthening its dental equipment and consumables offering. At this year’s AEEDC Dubai, PRODONT-HOLLIGER products are being presented at ACTEON’s booth along with other ACTEON products for the first time.

“The acquisition of PRODONT-HOLLIGER fits perfectly into our development strategy, which involves strengthening our core business of dental equipment. As such, the company’s product offering is an excellent additional range for ACTEON. What’s more, PRODONT-HOLLIGER’s historical industrial expertise also fits our DNA as a French med-tech company with high added value. We are delighted to welcome the company and to be able to support it in a new phase of its development, particularly abroad, where our group makes nearly 85% of its sales,” said Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO and Managing Director of ACTEON.

Based in Bordeaux in France, ACTEON specialises in high-tech dental and medical equipment, and is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonics for dental treatment and surgery. PRODONT-HOLLIGER is a French manufacturer of dental instruments created by dentists. The company is based in Olliergues in France, a region known globally for its metalwork, particularly its blades and knives. The company exports its dental equipment internationally.

ACTEON continues to innovate its product line by providing medical and dental professionals with more efficient solutions for both diagnostics and treatment, the company said, with the goal of making procedures even more selective, less invasive and less traumatic for patients. According to ACTEON, five research and development teams work together to create these products, paying great attention to accuracy and quality.

PRODONT-HOLLIGER products will still be available from the usual dealers, but the ACTEON team will also be introducing the product range to prospective and current customers. For further information, AEEDC attendees are invited to stop by the ACTEON Group booth (number 9 and 10).

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