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ACTEON moves towards atraumatic extractions with new hand-piece

Prof Marcel A. Wainwright running a hands-on course on ACTEON’s new hand-piece, the Cube Start. (Photograph: Luke Gribble/DTI)

Thu. 14. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: France-based company ACTEON earlier this week released its latest surgical device, Piezotome Cube STAR. Providing full preservation of crestal bone with a surgery duration comparable to that of rotary instruments and combining two patented technologies, NEWTRON and D.P.S.I., the new piezo-surgery device developed by ACTEON engineers’ clinical application team allows practitioners to drill safely into the bone and offers many other features.

In certain circumstances, immediate implant placement can become challenging when using rotary instruments, but with Piezotome Cube STAR, that is no longer an issue, especially when performing extractions, according to ACTEON. This is thanks to limited risks of damaging the alveolar bone and being able to safely remove the tooth atraumatically while fully preserving the surrounding bone walls to graft or place an implant. Additionally, Piezotome Cube STAR limites the risks of piercing the Schneiderian membrane which are high when using a bur, making it easy to safely perform lateral or trans-crestal sinus lift to place an implant. Other features include no risk of bone loss when widening the ridge through split-crest procedures and being able to gently cut the bone with micrometric precision without bone loss.

Prof Marcel A. Wainwright is a surgeon, implantologist and professor in oral surgery at the University of Seville in Spain. A KOL in his field, he has been working with ACTEON for 15 years, presenting lectures and courses on Piezotome Cube and now Piezotome Cube STAR around the world. Speaking to Dental Tribune International, he said: “Piezotome Cube STAR is 20 per cent faster than Piezotome Cube, the noise has been dramatically reduced and thanks to the increased power, new tips are available. Now, everyone can turn those complicated tooth extractions into easy ones, with complete bone preservation.”

Minimising trauma during the extraction procedure is critical for reducing patient discomfort and improving treatment speed and outcomes. With the STAR tips, Piezotome Cube STAR now offers the complete solution for preparing an implant site without rotary instruments, helping to make surgery more predictable and safer. From a professional’s point of view and supported by more than ten years of scientific evidence, Piezotome also provides safer surgical procedures, offering maximum soft-tissue protection and bone preservation, precise micrometric bone cutting and optimal visibility owing to a blood-free surgical site. Created for extractions of molars or premolars, difficult-to-access teeth, merged roots, root fractures, and ankylosed or impacted teeth, Piezotome makes extractions more comfortable, encourages better healing and enhances general postoperative outcomes.

According to the company, Piezotome surgery has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and swelling by 50 per cent compared with rotary instruments. Additionally, no nerve injuries have been observed, compared with 16 per cent of cases with rotary instruments, and 50 per cent less analgesic is required when using Piezotome for extractions.

ACTEON has over five manufacturing sites, and vast experience and expertise with 13 subsidiaries, and 16 branch offices located in the major international markets. The group has long been committed to a quality policy focused on customer satisfaction and innovation and working within the strictest compliance with applicable international standards and regulations. According to the company, the quality of its customer service is every bit as important as the quality of its products. The company provides truly personalised support based on each practitioner’s needs and specific situation—another reason that it believes that, when practitioners buy an ACTEON product, they are buying more than just a device.

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