ACTEON North America provides complete solutions for implantology

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ACTEON North America provides complete solutions for implantology

ACTEON's X-Mind Trium provides the highest resolution 3-D image quality available on the market. (Photograph: ACTEON)


Thu. 21. February 2019


MT. LAUREL, N.J., U.S.: ACTEON North America is the only dental equipment manufacturer that offers comprehensive, minimally invasive solutions for the implant workflow, ranging from implant planning to surgery and maintenance.

Implant planning: The X-Mind Trium CBCT unit provides exceptional 3-D image quality with the highest resolution available. Every X-Mind Trium includes a complete range of fields of view, including 11 × 8, 8 × 8, 6 × 6 and 4 × 4 cm, for flexibility in planning and post-procedure monitoring. Trium rotates a full 360° for the most accurate images, providing precise information about patient pathology. With 360° rotation, stitching and software manipulation are eliminated, avoiding interference with treatment planning.

Trium also features a state-of-the-art bone density assessment tool, bringing consistent clinical insight and predictability to complex implant procedures. With the click of a button, the ACTEON Imaging Suite software shows bone density in color-coded variations, from red to green, representing lower to higher bone density. The clinician can then place a virtual implant, from the large library of implants, armed with the knowledge of the bone density surrounding the implant site. Implant failure is often associated with low bone density or osteonecrosis, which can occur spontaneously or after invasive dental procedures. X-Mind Trium’s bone density assessment tool can decrease potential risks and dramatically enhance predictability in results owing to thorough analysis and pre-planning.

Implant surgery: Piezotome CUBE is a revolutionary bone surgery device that offers dentists a solution for providing superior, minimally invasive, compassionate care when performing extractions and other pre-implant bone surgery procedures. The high-frequency, ultrasonic vibrations of CUBE only disrupt the periodontal ligament and cut bone, and will not damage soft tissue, so treatment is very predictable. Selective cutting eliminates the need to cut a surgical flap in the gingiva, thus preserving the periosteum. Extremely thin extraction tips preserve even the thinnest of bone in buccal areas for socket preservation and facilitate immediate implant placement. Patients experience less trauma, pain and swelling postoperatively with CUBE compared with other methods, such as a bur or manual forceps, potentially reducing the need for dangerous pain medication like opioids.

CUBE can grow with your practice, with tips for applications such as bone block grafting, sinus elevation, ridge splitting and crown lengthening. CUBE is a must for any clinician placing dental implants or who wants to learn more procedures, and make his or her practice more profitable by keeping challenging extractions in-house as opposed to referring them out.

Implant maintenance: A major concern for any implant practice is how to maintain and treat patients with complications after implant placement. ACTEON is the only company to offer Implant Protect ultrasonic tips made from pure titanium that will not damage implants or leave behind residue that can contribute to peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. The AIR-N-GO Easy handheld air polisher with glycine powder is also recommended for gently cleaning and disinfecting implants for maintenance and biofilm elimination.

Contact ACTEON North America to receive a free demonstration of any of these solutions.

Air-n-go easy Piezotome Cube X-MIND TRIUM

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