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ACTEON Group is moving forward

(Image: ACTEON Group)

Wed. 15. June 2022


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: The ACTEON team is excited about joining EuroPerio10 in Copenhagen. During the event, the company will closely work with the dental industry and share the latest innovations that will help improve dental professionals’ daily workflows.

ACTEON stated that EuroPerio10 is a fantastic opportunity for to reach out to its partners and to listen to their feedback in order to ensure that the company is doing the very best work possible. ACTEON is a company of about 800 people and serves clients in over 120 countries. Attendance at the event is a great honour and also a great responsibility since ACTEON wants to bring the best possible solutions to its clients in a connected, efficient, effective and economical way.

ACTEON's main goal is to deliver excellent patient care through its service providers around the world. The workflows that will be presented during EuroPerio10 focus on periodontology and implantology, but there is also a range of other workflows that have been developed, including prosthetic, prophylactic and endodontic workflows. These workflows combine the best technologies that ACTEON has to offer in imaging, from radiographic and intraoral imaging and software to ultrasonic surgery and conventional ultrasonics and in precision instruments for everyday procedures. ACTEON also has a pharmaceutical line of products that help make patients feel comfortable and ensure the efficacy of dental procedures.Together, these unique ACTEON products and services help meet the clients’ needs most efficiently.

EuroPerio10 attendees are invited to come and visit Booth E13, where ACTEON will also hold a Piezotome workshop.

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