ACTEON Group is moving forward

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ACTEON Group is moving forward

ACTEON Group is bringing a new level of innovation to digital dentistry. (Image: ACTEON)


Mon. 20. September 2021


COLOGNE, Germany: The ACTEON team is very excited to be participating in the International Dental Show (IDS) 2021, where it will be exhibiting its new workflow solutions. The company has been working diligently throughout the pandemic to serve its customers around the world and is delighted that it will be able to meet them again in Cologne and to personally thank them for their commitment to treating patients during this incredibly difficult period.

“Our mission is to offer innovative solutions to enable dental professionals to perform preventative, restorative and corrective treatments for millions of patients worldwide in a connected, efficient, effective and economical way. We have always drawn our inspiration from our customers, and now we are redoubling our efforts to support their aspirations,” said Michael Rynerson, the CEO of ACTEON Group. “It is this human-centric approach that ensures that we meet the very personal needs of patients over a lifetime of oral care and that we cater for the truly unique approach that each dental professional brings to their practice every day.”

According to Rynerson, ACTEON’s vision is to be a leading global provider of innovative and trusted solutions that protect and restore patients’ oral health in a connected dental ecosystem. “ACTEON Group derives its innovative strength from its diversity. We have an incredible team of professionals around the world who are focused on developing dental clinical workflow solutions that address the full spectrum of restorative, corrective and prophylactic treatments,” he commented.

ACTEON’s solutions are based on decades of experience in developing and producing pharmaceuticals, optical and X-ray imaging systems, dental software, ultrasonic prophylaxis, surgical equipment, precision instruments, and a wide range of consumables. Rynerson believes that it is precisely owing to its extensive clinical and technical knowledge of each phase of dental treatment, including diagnosis, planning, treatment and post-treatment, that the company is considered to be the leading workflow solution provider in its field.

“ACTEON Group derives its innovative strength from its diversity”

“I am very proud to be leading such an amazing team in the most exciting era of technical change in dentistry. I love the passion my colleagues have for their work, the care they put into every project and their energy to drive quality and innovation. Considering the additional challenges that the last fifteen months have presented, I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and poise,” Rynerson stated.

“Looking forward, ACTEON Group is bringing an additional level of innovation to digital dentistry through connecting our workflow solutions across our open digital platform, as well as connecting with third party platforms from other leading solution providers,” he explained. For example, the customers can already take advantage of the major advances in end-to-end customised treatments, advanced digital manufacturing and teledentistry, to name just a few of the current megatrends in the dental industry. “The ACTEON Group has a rich history of innovation that we are building on to create an even more exciting future.”

Finally, ACTEON is confident that IDS is an important event, both for the company itself and for the industry as a whole, and is committed to supporting its success now and in the future. “I am looking forward to a great show this year and to meeting many of our customers and partners. I am hopeful that this will be a very positive step towards getting back to normal business in the dental industry. ACTEON Group is moving forward,” Rynerson concluded.

Editorial note: Visitors to IDS can learn more about ACTEON’s products at Booth E010F011 in Hall 10.1.

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