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Maxillary first molar atraumatic extraction

The tooth was luxated with Luxator P4 (dual edge, lilac). (Image: Dr Manouchehr Kiaei)
Dr Manouchehr Kiaei, Sweden

Dr Manouchehr Kiaei, Sweden

Tue. 5. November 2019


A 75-year-old female patient visited our dental clinic reporting a loose crown on tooth #26. The tooth had been endodontically treated in the past and had a carbon-fibre post. The tooth had been prosthetically restored and presented severe caries without early apical destruction or alteration. The patient had previously had a gold crown on the tooth.

The new, very thin Luxator P-series periotome made it possible to perform an atraumatic extraction with minimal loss of bone. Luxator P4, with its extremely sharp dual-edge blade, was used, followed by Luxator P1, once some space was created. Although the blades of these sophisticated instruments are reinforced with a titanium coating, they should only be used to cut the periodontal ligament and never to elevate the tooth. After sectioning the tooth and gently cutting the periodontal ligament, each root could easily be taken out with the help of diamond tweezers.

Luxator is a registered trademark owned by Directa AB in Sweden. All Luxator instruments are manufactured in Sweden by Directa. For further information, visit

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