Planmeca PlanMill 30 S—Highly accurate entry-level milling unit for dental clinics

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Planmeca PlanMill 30 S—Highly accurate entry-level milling unit for dental clinics

Specially developed for dental professionals entering CAD/CAM dentistry, Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is ideal for efficient and precise milling directly at the dental clinic.

Wed. 19. September 2018


POZNAŃ, Poland: Planmeca, one of the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers, is currently exhibiting its vast product range at the Central European Dental Exhibition (CEDE) in Poznań. Among the products on display is the Planmeca PlanMill 30 S, a unit specially targeted at dental professionals looking for a reliable entry into chairside CAD/CAM dentistry.

The single-spindle milling unit has been designed for highly precise fabrication of metal-free dental restorations, allowing clinics to offer same-day convenience to their patients. The high-speed spindle provides high accuracy and precision while also always maintaining restoration integrity and quality owing to its custom milling paths. The typical milling time for a single crown is around 20 minutes.

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is suitable for wet milling of blocks and supports a wide range of material options. The unit’s smart tool paths are optimised to suit material characteristics, while an automatic tool changer replaces burs when needed.

With its intuitive user interface, Planmeca PlanMill 30 S supports an easy workflow and always provides clear information to the user. Furthermore, guided maintenance wizards help to keep the unit always running smoothly.

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S has a small footprint and fits well into any clinic. The unit has been built on an open technology platform that allows for simple integration with other equipment, such as Planmeca’s intra-oral scanners. Files can easily be shared over a network with the Planmeca Romexis software and the milling unit’s status and remaining milling time monitored with the Planmeca Romexis Clinic Management module.

CEDE visitors can learn more about the product in Pavilion 7A at Booth A7. Also on display is the dual-spindle Planmeca PlanMill 40 S milling unit, which offers even more powerful chairside milling.

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