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Planmeca introduces new dental unit

The new Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes: design, well-being, cleanliness, intelligence and evolution. (Photograph: Planmeca)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 28. November 2018


PARIS, France: Planmeca’s Compact i5 has been designed not only to withstand time, but also to evolve with time, as the company describes it. Its compact and lightweight design complements any dental clinic and can easily be tailored to different working preferences. From smooth delivery arm movements to the intuitive touch panel offering user guidance in 25 languages, every detail of the dental unit has been designed to make everyday work as smooth as possible, both now and in the future, Planmeca explained.

Planmeca Compact i5 is intended to support the well-being of both the entire dental team and the patient. The floating chair with a narrowing back-rest and the small cuspidor base enable convenient access to the treatment area, while the balanced instrument arms aid ergonomic use of instruments. The foldable leg rest permits easy entry and exit, and the custom-moulded upholstery yields a more comfortable patient experience.

In Planmeca Compact i5, all the essential infection control functions are integrated and organised in their own compartments. The cleaning procedures are automated, and the LED indicator on the dental unit indicates their status. These practical solutions aim to speed up infection control, which in turn means a faster patient flow and improved quality assurance.

As with all of Planmeca’s digital equipment, Planmeca Compact i5 can easily be connected to a network in order to produce valuable data. With Planmeca’s software solutions, clinics can track and follow their patient flow, optimise their capacity through real-time information, and monitor the use of their equipment. Furthermore, the dental unit’s smart sign-in system allows fast access to personalised dental unit settings.

The rapidly changing world of dentistry—with its increasing quality assurance demands and the constantly growing patient flow—is establishing new demands for dental clinics, and Planmeca Compact i5 is intended to meet these. The dental unit is guaranteed to have a long lifespan: it has been built so that it can be upgraded with new features at any time. This makes it a truly future-proof investment.

Planmeca is inviting ADF 2018 attendees to visit its booth (#2L19) for more information on the new unit and other products.

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