Planmeca software allows multiple applications for dental facilities

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Planmeca software allows multiple applications for dental facilities

The Romexis software platform, manufactured by Planmeca, offers an all-in-one tool for dental practitioners. (Image: Planmeca)
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Thu. 23. August 2018


HELSINKI, Finland: Televisions, mobile phones, even cars—software has disrupted several industries, as its role has become significantly more important. Dentistry has followed suit, leading to expanded possibilities, increased efficiency and improved levels of care. Dental provider Planmeca has contributed to these advancements with its Romexis software, which offers several key benefits and helps make daily work more efficient for users.

Planmeca has been a leading software provider since the late 1990s—first with Planmeca Dimaxis and in the 2000s with Planmeca Romexis. According to the company, it continually introduces new products that work together seamlessly to meet the growing needs of today’s dental professionals.

Usually, clinicians need to rely on different software programs for different purposes; they will have one for panoramic imaging, another for CBCT imaging and a third for CAD/CAM dentistry. Switching between different programs can be inefficient, disrupt the workflow and reduce time for patient care.

Romexis, however, allows users to work with all imaging and CAD/CAM data in the same program. It also provides a wide array of tools to match all types of specialist needs. The all-in-one software supports open file formats, ensuring smooth import and export. A single centralised database allows easy access to clinical data, and Romexis runs on all common operating systems.

The software platform offers a completely integrated digital workflow that covers all treatment steps, including scanning, diagnosing, planning and fabricating. Manufacturing can be done either by 3-D printing or by milling. With specialist tools, secure communication options and seamless integration with Planmeca equipment, the software allows users either to complete the entire workflow directly at their clinics or to flexibly outsource any part of it.

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