Digital dentistry: What advantages do intra-oral scanners offer?

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Digital dentistry: What advantages do intra-oral scanners offer?

Digital impressions have greater accuracy compared with conventional impressions and limit manual errors. (Image: Straumann)

Tue. 3. May 2022


BASEL, Switzerland: Almost every dental treatment starts with an impression. Although a vast number of digital tools are available on the market today, there is still some hesitancy among the dental community to switch from analogue to digital impressions. However, digital solutions, including the Straumann Group’s, can bring about many benefits owing to higher precision, cost-effectiveness and greater patient compliance.

Improved patient comfort and treatment acceptance

In addition to higher accuracy and ease of use compared with conventional impression techniques, which usually involve unpleasant-tasting materials and bulky, cumbersome trays that can possibly induce gagging, the benefits for patients in particular are prompting dental professionals to switch to taking digital impressions with an intra-oral scanner.

Moreover, a 3D scan on screen allows for visualising treatment options to communicate with the patient. As Dr Jonathan L. Ferencz, a key opinion leader in the field of digital dentistry, in an interview with 3Shape put it: “The best patient is an educated patient. But the communication … has to be quick and intuitive. So now, rather than taking out the camera and iPad, I reach for [my scanner].”

Reduced chair time and costs, and no impression materials

Taking impressions for crowns, bridges, dentures or clear aligners digitally reduces appointment time and the number of visits until treatment is complete and thus allows dental professionals to see more patients. Compared with an analogue workflow, a digital oral scan for various indications takes less than 5 minutes and does not require any impression material—a fundamental change that translates into having more time to see more patients. Additionally, dental professionals avoid costs and time for shipping analogue impressions to the dental laboratory.

Grow your digital practice over time

After purchasing an intra-oral scanner, dental professionals have the opportunity to optimise their workflow, increase practice efficiency and add further treatments over time, for example designing crowns or milling in-house. The same applies to the production of clear aligners.

More information about Straumann’s digital solutions can be found at

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