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Interview: “The value segment has continued to grow at a faster pace than other segments”

Elad Ginat is the vice president of marketing and products at MIS Implants Technologies. (Image: MIS)

Thu. 26. March 2020


Over the past two decades, MIS Implants Technologies has successfully developed into a global business and today counts as one of the leading brands in the value segment of the worldwide dental implant market. Dental Tribune International spoke with the company’s vice president of marketing and products, Elad Ginat.

Mr Ginat, the global dental implants market consists of a few major players. After over 25 years in the business, how does MIS stay competitive in such an environment?
First of all, it’s truly a compliment to MIS that we are considered a competitor and global market leader. Our way of staying competitive in this market is through three activities to which we are committed. The first is our continuous development and innovation. Secondly, we react quickly to opportunities in the market; hence, we are able to provide new solutions which reflect our core values like simplicity and creativity rapidly to market. Thirdly, we provide added value at no additional cost. We are always innovating, enhancing and adding value to our products and services, while ensuring that our customers don’t need to pay any extra cost and that our line of products always has a competitive edge in the marketplace.

From the beginning, MIS’s advantage was its implants segment at value prices. Is this still your core business?
Yes. In recent years, we’ve recognised that the value segment has continued to grow at a faster pace than other segments in a number of geographic regions around the world. This has been true despite the other phenomena that we’ve seen of premium companies lowering their prices towards those in the value segment and discount companies raising the level of their quality and services to reach the value segment from below. Despite these trends, the value segment is still growing extremely fast, mainly because general dental practitioners are starting to place implants. There is a shift in the dental world. Whereas, in the past, implant placement was done solely by specialists who remained loyal to premium companies, today, more and more general dental practitioners are placing implants, and this greatly increases the size of our segment and the opportunities available to us.

Through intensive global branding and marketing activities, MIS has succeeded in creating a loyal community of believers and followers within the value segment and around it, who follow the company and who have paved the way towards a bright and successful future for it.

Israel is a country of innovation and start-ups. How has your location contributed to your success in becoming a global dental implant power?
I think Israelis, in general, and the people who work at MIS, in particular, are not afraid of taking risks. In the case of MIS, the management encourages risk-taking and enables this by providing a work environment in which it is possible to take risks and even, occasionally, make mistakes. Because of this, we are lucky that our employees are able to be creative and are not afraid to bring this creativity to their work on a daily basis.

In line with the growing trend towards consolidation in the global dental market in the past years, MIS was acquired by Dentsply Sirona in 2016. How has being part of the world’s leading manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies changed or influenced your business?
When Dentsply Sirona acquired MIS, we jointly implemented a dual branding strategy, which allowed us to maintain our unique character and brand name. We are a separate and individual brand within Dentsply Sirona. On the other hand, for an independent brand which is relatively small and limited in resources, becoming part of the vast business platform which Dentsply Sirona offers has enabled us to take advantage of many opportunities in markets and regions which we did not have the resources to penetrate or in which we were unable to invest before. We expect that, in the coming years, the collaboration between the independent MIS brand and the Dentsply Sirona resources available to us will lead to a very significant increase in the sale of MIS products around the world.

Digitalisation is one of the main trends that keeps changing the dental industry. What is MIS’s approach to this trend?
Our approach to this trend is no different from any other major implant company on the market—namely, connecting the dots. There is a very vast range of digital solutions available today, including CT imaging, intra-oral scanning, digitally guided surgery and CAD/CAM technology for restorations. Because there is such a wide variety of technology, service providers and software, it’s difficult to create a single, simple workflow for the dentist. MIS, like many of our competitors, is working hard and investing much effort into creating this seamless workflow. Being a part of Dentsply Sirona, which already has all the aforementioned digital components in its portfolio, will be a tremendous help in our efforts.

In your opinion, what can we expect from implant treatment five years from now? What main trends in implantology do you see?
I don’t see any major or dramatic changes happening in the industry within the next five years. I don’t see a new trend, such as a greater demand for zirconia implants, that will replace the titanium implants we use today. I don’t see that happening on a large scale. What I do see, though, is that the industry will become more and more customised and individualised for the patient. In other words, we’ll see fewer products which are prefabricated and more products and solutions which are custom-made and patient-specific.

Furthermore, I believe that we’ll see a move towards chairside manufacturing. This isn’t necessarily directly linked to implants, but if you consider the market as a whole, this will definitely gain momentum. This development will allow dental professionals to provide an entire solution from beginning to end in their own clinic.


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