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Interview: “It is our mission to simplify dental implantology”

MIS Implants Technologies CEO Idan Kleifeld (Photograph: MIS)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 2. March 2015


MIS Implants Technologies is a global specialist in the development and production of advanced dental implantology products and solutions. At the beginning of 2015, Dental Tribune International met with CEO Idan Kleifeld at the MIS headquarters and main production facility in Israel to learn more about the company, which began as a small family-run start-up in 1995, and has since evolved into one of the largest global dental implant manufacturers over the past decade.

Dental Tribune International: Simplicity is a term that best describes your business concept. What would you define as the overall aim of such an approach?
Idan Kleifeld: It is our mission to simplify dental implantology. The name MIS originally stood for “Medical Implant Systems”. However, it is also an acronym that reflects our main maxim to “Make it Simple”. Through this approach, we are set to become the largest global dental implant producer.

In order to become the preferred choice of dentists worldwide, we offer new and innovative products based on simple, creative solutions. Design and handling are made simpler, and all products are engineered to allow efficient, time-saving surgical procedures.

How does your brand differ from that of other implant providers?
Compared with larger companies, such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare, which are in the premium segment, MIS is the only non-premium company operating on a global scale and the only one that has succeeded in building a recognised global brand in the market.

Moreover, our location adds to our uniqueness. Israel is a country of high innovation and numerous start-ups. It is also a particularly favourable location for manufacturing: firstly, because of the quality of the workforce; the people are very well educated and motivation is high; and secondly, because salaries are generally much lower here than in our competitor countries. This makes production more profitable.

Overall, we are the only company among the industry leaders that is actually growing. Therefore, we have a very positive outlook for the future.

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Is Europe, Germany in particular, your key market?
Yes, together with the US market, we consider Germany one of our main challenges. We are expecting considerable growth in Germany and will be focusing on that region in the future.

In order to meet the needs of our growing customer base in the area, we recently opened our new digital dentistry hub, MCENTER Europe, in Berlin. The centre brings all MIS digital dentistry products together in one location. It is aimed at providing a comprehensive range of services to clinicians through advanced digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technologies that facilitate fast and accurate surgical implant procedures with reduced chairside time and greater predictability in outcomes.

What innovations will you be introducing in 2015?
In addition to the new MCENTER Europe, we will be entering the premium segment for dental implants with the launch of a new implant system later this year. It has a truly innovative design and consists of high-quality implants that are completely new in the market and will fit within the premium segment. We plan to offer this new implant system to our global distributors at the end of the second quarter of 2015, for local distribution worldwide.

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