Osstem introduces HySil Plus for precise impression taking

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Osstem introduces HySil Plus for precise impression taking

A major advantage of HySil Plus is its excellent hydrophilicity. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Thu. 16. June 2022


PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Osstem Europe, the European headquarters of Osstem Implant, a leading manufacturer of dental implants, has launched HySil Plus, a vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material for precise and fast impression taking. The new product has been developed to allow high-quality and easy impression taking and hence offers properties such as a short intra-oral setting time, high hydrophilicity, high tensile strength and low extrusion force. It is available in three different viscosities: heavy body (HySil Heavy Plus), medium body (HySil Mono Plus) and light body (HySil Light Plus).

According to Osstem Implant, the setting time has been reduced to equal the shortest among competing products, resulting in time-saving for both patients and practitioners.

Another advantage of Hysil Plus is its excellent hydrophilicity, which brings accurate results even in the moist environment caused by saliva or blood. Hysil Plus minimises the contact angle with moistures and increases the hydrophilicity which makes it flow into the fine area. Thanks to this, even with blood and saliva present, HySil Plus flows easily to capture the smallest detail. In addition, it is possible to take more accurate impressions as it has excellent thixotropy—the property of becoming less viscous when subjected to applied stress.

Typically, dispensing heavy body impression material requires a considerable amount of force when loading to the tray. However, HySil Plus can be dispensed easily and smoothly as the discharge force required has been greatly lowered.

Optimised to meet the needs of dental practitioners and patients, HySil Plus flows easily into the microscopic areas of the oral cavity and, when set, can be removed without tearing.

Lastly, HySil Plus has a viscosity ratio that eliminates the danger of impression material overflowing the tray and falling into the oral cavity.

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