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SmileDirectClub launches oral care products for Walmart shoppers

On sale at 3,800 Walmart stores is a line of SmileDirectClub oral care products, including an electric toothbrush, a teeth whitening kit, toothpastes, a water flosser, and a “smile spa”. (Image: SmileDirectClub)

Tue. 14. January 2020


NASHVILLE, Tenn., U.S.: SmileDirectClub (SDC) has expanded into the dental retail market with a line of oral care products that are available from Walmart stores. SCD said that it has extended its mission to providing affordable and safe oral care solutions.

On sale exclusively at 3,800 Walmart locations, and through the retailer’s website, are the following oral care products: an electric toothbrush priced at $24.98, a tooth whitening kit priced at $39.98, toothpaste in whitening and sensitive varieties, a water flosser, and a “smile spa,” which the company says is the first cleaner on the market to combine ultraviolet and ultrasonic cleaning. The products are described as “end-to-end” and not exclusively designed for use with, or proprietary to, the company’s clear aligners. The smile spa has a stainless-steel reservoir large enough to clean dentures, retainers, toothbrush heads, mouth guards and clear aligners.

In addition to the products on sale through Walmart, SmileDirectClub has launched two retail products that are available only through its own website: a Club edition electronic toothbrush and a replacement head subscription. Three other SmileDirectClub products are slated for launch at Walmart stores this quarter, the company said. It did not specify where or by whom its line of oral care products are manufactured.

“Today, we are proud to partner with Walmart, and look forward to disrupting the oral care aisle and category with an easy-to-use system of affordable, premium solution-oriented products for maintaining a better smile,” commented Amy Keith, vice president of the company’s retail business, in the statement.

Co-founder Alex Fenkell commented that the company is dedicated to providing premium oral care at affordable prices and will now do so in the retail space for oral care products. “[With] this expansion into oral care products, we’re continuing our mission to ensure everyone can get and keep a smile they love,” he said.

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