Minimally invasive solutions with ACTEON imaging systems

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It’s time for minimally invasive solutions with ACTEON imaging systems

ACTEON products enable dental professionals to integrate minimally invasive technologies into their daily practice. (Image: ACTEON)


Mon. 3. February 2020


DUBAI, UAE: The innovation offered by X-MIND trium and X-MIND prime confirms ACTEON as a leader in designing less invasive, less traumatic and the most technologically advanced dental imaging solutions. The company is showcasing both devices at AEEDC 2020 and invites participants to learn more at the ACTEON booth (#6 G01).

Premiered at the 2019 International Dental Show, TRUE LOW DOSE is the latest X-MIND trium CBCT innovation from ACTEON and boasts up to 50% less radiation exposure for the patient with no compromises in terms of image quality and accuracy. ACTEON’s flagship CBCT device can achieve these results thanks to a new algorithm associated with an additional movement on the rotating gantry of the device, which moves the sensor closer to the X-ray source, adapting in this way to the anatomy of the patient. The result of this technology is an increased level of safety and protection for the patient without compromises in diagnostic reliability and accuracy, thus still ensuring the same high level of image quality of a standard-dose examination.

X-MIND trium is a three-in-one extra-oral imaging device that adapts to the growing needs of dental offices by pairing 2D panoramic imaging with 3D imaging and digital cephalometric analysis. The available fields of view for CBCT examinations cover all clinical applications, from a small 40 × 40 mm at an ultra-high resolution of 75 µm, a reference for endodontic diagnosis, to a large 110 × 90 mm, ideal for implantology or orthodontic surgical planning procedures. A full set of different panoramic examinations is available, as well as cephalometric radiography options, which offer simple patient positioning and the smallest footprint device with a cephalometric arm on the market.

X-MIND prime satisfies the needs of the most demanding of specialists. The device implements the finest technology of ACTEON and its expertise on user experience, all packed into a stunning design. X-MIND prime surprises with its smart solutions. It is a compact 2D or 2D/3D imaging device that makes no compromises and can be seamlessly integrated into any clinical environment thanks to its zero footprint and clean design. X-MIND prime has been developed for enhanced comfort of both the operator and the patient: the intuitive user interface allows examination setting in seconds, the automatic unit positioning guarantees capture of the target and the face-to-face positioning improves communication with the patient during the examination preparation phase.

X-MIND trium and X-MIND prime are powered by ACTEON Imaging Suite (AIS), a unique software environment for all the ACTEON imaging products. AIS is a complete tool for patient data management, which ensures compatibility with the most common practice management software programs, full compliance with the DICOM standard and easy integration with third-party devices thanks to its support of TWAIN drivers. The suite offers a powerful toolset for reporting and editing 2D images, as well as the AIS 3D App module, one of the most advanced 3D software programs for dental applications. AIS 3D App allows seamless integration of ACTEON imaging devices into the digital workflow of any practice thanks to its implant planning and surgical guide design functionalities, which are only some of the many available.

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