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German report shows the frequency of dental check-ups has increased

December 28, 2018 | Europe | News

BERLIN, Germany: In a new study, researchers from the Robert Koch Institut (RKI) have examined, among other subjects, the prevalence, determinants and trends of tooth brushing frequency and utilisation of dental check-ups in children and adolescents in Germany. The reports are based on the data collected from the second wave of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS Wave 2, 2014-2017).

Osteology Foundation: Hand in abstracts by mid-January

December 27, 2018 | Europe | News

LUCERNE, Switzerland: Researchers in the field of regenerative dentistry and oral tissue engineering have the opportunity to present their findings at the International Osteology Symposium’s Poster Presentation and Research Forum. The deadline to submit abstracts of original research is 15 January 2019.

Lymph node ratio may predict graveness of oral cavity cancer

December 26, 2018 | Americas | News

AURORA, Colo., U.S.: Since oral cavity cancer is often only discovered late in its development, patients with this advanced form of disease have a 5-year survival rate of only 40 percent. Researchers from the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) now found that the lymph node ratio (LNR) provides an indication for the seriousness of oral cavity cancer. This knowledge could not only help patients better predict the course of their disease, but could also help doctors choose the most appropriate post-surgical treatment.

Dental hygiene may be key for lupus

December 25, 2018 | Americas | News

OKLAHOMA CITY, U.S.: Good oral hygiene can obviate many diseases, including gingivitis, diabetes and hypotension. Now, new research suggests it may also make a difference in the prevention and management of lupus. In the study, the scientists focused on bacteria commonly found in the mouth that have previously been associated with gum disease.

Nanodiamonds might aid recovery from root canal treatment

December 24, 2018 | Americas | News

LOS ANGELES, U.S.: California-based researchers have recently been working on a tiny, but powerful ally that could help prevent infection after root canal treatment. In a clinical trial it was found that nanodiamonds protected disinfected root canals after the nerve and pulp were removed, thereby improving the likelihood of a full recovery. The findings are considered a milestone for the use of nanodiamonds in humans.

Align Technology asserts ten additional patents against 3Shape

December 21, 2018 | Americas | Business

SAN JOSE, Calif., U.S.: Align Technology recently announced that it has filed three additional patent infringement lawsuits asserting ten additional patents against 3Shape—a Danish corporation and related U.S. corporate entity—bringing the total patents asserted against 3Shape to 35.

Congress passes legislation to improve access to oral health care

December 21, 2018 | Americas | News

CHICAGO, U.S.: For a number of years, dentists throughout America have been working to improve access to oral health care for those in underserved regions. In a positive step forward in that pursuit, Congress has recently passed the Action for Dental Health Act, something the American Dental Association (ADA) has commended.

Recent Alpha-Bio Tec congress focuses on the future of implantology

December 19, 2018 | Europe | News

MONTE CARLO, France: Dentistry is in a continuous state of evolution, with the field of implantology perhaps experiencing the most amount of change. At Alpha-Bio Tec’s recent international congress, dental professionals were invited to explore the possibilities of this dynamic field, while also drawing on Alpha-Bio Tec’s 30 years of experience to better understand upcoming trends and the latest advancements in the field.

Metal ceramics remain gold standard, review study suggests

December 19, 2018 | Europe | News

GENEVA, Switzerland: Despite the large selection of materials available on the implant market today, selecting the best possible restorative solution remains difficult for clinicians. Up until now, the most investigated restorative material in prosthodontic literature is metal ceramics. Clinicians, however, increasingly tend to use zirconia for the production of implant‐supported single crowns and fixed dental prostheses (FDPs). A review study, conducted by the University of Geneva, aimed to compare the long-term outcomes of zirconia ceramics and monolithic zirconia with metal ceramics before they could be considered a standard choice of dental care.

University of Rwanda graduates first class of dentists

December 18, 2018 | Middle East & Africa | News

BUTARE, Rwanda: The University of Rwanda recently celebrated the graduation of its first-ever graduate class of dentists. With a population of more than 12 million people and less than 40 registered dentists to serve them, an additional ten new graduates with bachelor’s degrees in dental surgery is a milestone for the future of the nation’s oral health.

Last call for entries for the World Dental Hygienist Awards

December 18, 2018 | Europe | News

ETOY, Switzerland: The role dental hygienists play within the dental industry can sometimes be overlooked, with some curtail work often taking place before a dentist has even seen the patient. Presented by the SUNSTAR Foundation and supported by the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH), the World Dental Hygienist Awards recognise dental hygienists who have made a significant contribution to dental hygiene science, patients and the broader community. Presented every two years at ISDH, entries for this year’s awards close on 14 January 2019.

Gel fillings may enhance root canal treatment, study shows

December 18, 2018 | Asia Pacific | News

SEOUL, South Korea/BIRMINGHAM, Ala., U.S.: Root canal treatments currently rely on clotted blood to fill the empty tooth canal. In order to find a more reliable, biodegradable filling that promotes healing and the regeneration of the tooth, scientists have developed a gel filling to use in the root canal treatment that releases nitric oxide and antibiotics inside the treated tooth.

Interview: “Listening and learning from the very best in the world”

December 17, 2018 | Americas | Events | Interviews | News

In an interview with FDI World Dental Federation, 2019 General Chair of the Committee on Annual Meetings from the American Dental Association (ADA) Dr. Roger Macias, shared his excitement for collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities for the next FDI World Dental Congress. The congress will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from 5–8 September 2019.

Report highlights lack of access to dental care for the elderly

December 17, 2018 | Asia Pacific | News

SYDNEY, Australia: The state of Australians’ oral health has been covered extensively down under for many years. As reported by Dental Tribune early in 2018, more than 90 per cent of Australian adults have experienced decay in their permanent teeth. For the elderly, access to oral health care can be a real challenge and in a new report launched by the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia, a comprehensive picture of contemporary life for Australians aged 50 and over has been drawn and some critical data has been revealed.

Inside Curaden’s Prevention One testing grounds

December 14, 2018 | Europe | Advertorial | Business | Interviews

Just like every inventor needs a laboratory, Curaden needs the Holford Partners Curaden Dental Clinic. Located in the heart of London, the clinic serves as a testing ground for all things Curaden, including Prevention One. Prevention One, a revolutionary, prevention-based practice model, is spearheaded by Holford Partner’s very own Tom Huigen and Theodora Little.

Medicaid survey highlights its positive impact on society

December 14, 2018 | Americas | News

MICHIGAN, U.S.: The role Medicaid plays in the broader community is a topic that evokes a lot of emotion across a wide range of fields. With five states set to expand Medicaid in 2019 and 14 potentially requiring Medicaid enrollees to work in return for their health coverage, a new study may help in assessing the pros and cons of such a decision.

IDS 2019 to present latest digital strategies in orthodontics

December 13, 2018 | Europe | Events

COLOGNE, Germany: Digital technologies are changing the tools and solutions available in orthodontics. Organisers of the upcoming International Dental Show (IDS), taking place from 12 to 16 March 2019 in Cologne, say visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest developments in orthodontics regarding diagnostics, therapy planning, therapy and aftercare.

Interview: “Every high-intensity sport usually involves high sugar consumption”

December 12, 2018 | Europe | Interviews | News

Sports dentistry is usually considered only to deal with sports injuries and accidents. Naturally, a dental trauma that includes fractures of teeth and facial bones can impede the athlete’s ability to train and compete. As the treatment and prevention of such orofacial injuries has constituted a main pillar of the discipline, mouth guards have become a pivotal tool for athletes and sports dentists alike. However, oral diseases are just as important to consider, especially among tennis players. Dr Stephane Perez, sports dentist in Paris, explains why this is the case.

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